Corporate Profile

Banco Sofisa is one of the most traditional financial institutions in Brazil. Founded in 1961 as Sofisa S.A. Crédito, Financiamento e Investimentos, it pioneered the development of and improved the individuals loan business. In 1990, it expanded its footprint in the country’s financial system with a new name – Banco Sofisa S.A. – and a new business focus: companies.

Currently, the Bank has shareholders’ equity of R$749.6 million, assets of R$4.8 billion and a national footprint that includes 9 Brazilian states and a network of 14 branches.

Throughout more than 50years, Sofisa became renowned for its solidity and tradition of excellence in services. Today, it has a broad range of loyal clients and is their trustworthy financial partner that understands their activities and participates in their daily routine.


Banco Sofisa’s core business is loans to small and mid-sized companies, also known as the ‘middle-market’, within which the priority is on companies with annual revenue of between R$25 million to R$300 million.

Service excellence is guaranteed through specific service structures that strive for the Bank’s close relationship with small and mid-sized companies. These areas have managers specifically trained to offer solutions and provide advice on products and services that best meet the unique characteristics and business demands of each segment.

Sofisa offers a complete range of differentiated financial services and products, including investment, insurance, exchange and foreign trade solutions, in addition to credit lines and loans suited to its clients’ needs.


In May 2007, Banco Sofisa went public and its shares started trading in Level 2 of BM&FBOVESPA’s Corporate Governance segment under the stock symbol SFSA4.

On October 25, 2016 was held successfully the auction of the Tender Offer, which was proposed by the Controlling Shareholder and resulted in the acquisition of 97.19% of shares in the offer. The process of closing the capital and delisting was finalized on November 24, 2016.

Corporate Governance

Banco Sofisa seeks to be recognized for high corporate governance standards. Since 1993 the Bank has a Board of Directors with participation of independent higher than those required for Level 2 of Corporate Governance and is currently composed of 50% of independent members.

The Board members are renowned for their integrity and capability, with vast experience in the financial and banking sectors, all of which guarantee unique quality in judgment and autonomy.